is the provider of services and engineering for cable entry, as well as strain relief systems. The patented system guarantees a quick and easily modifiable solution for routing and retrofitting cables.

Because the system allows you to modify the composition of the rubber modules to meet the needs of the immediate situation, the system can be used for a multitude of purposes. The system can be assembled and mounted on-site after connectors are attached to cables, making it an adaptable solution for all challenges. You can conduct through the partable system your with connectors ready-made cable and seal it up.


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Teilbare Kabeldurchführung - teilbare Kabeleinführung


The advantages of using the VARIOZELL system:


Is suited for a multitude of purposes like electro engineering, pneumatics, hydraulics, hose and tube-systems.

Highly adaptable to all situations as the system can be assembled and mounted on-site after construction or other installation.

Handling and storage costs are reduced by working with just one system. (Sizes for the frames and rubber modules for both the Cable entry and Strain-relief systems are the same.)

With cable carriers Cable entry and Strain-relief systems are relisable with only one component.

Pre-wired and pre-molded connector systems can be easily used in the Variozell system.

The easily modifiable system allows for cutting one-sized openings for cable entryways, thus reducing project costs.

The system is especially suited for air hoses because equal pressure is applied around the entire frame as well as on the individual cables held within the modules, consequently eliminating diminution of the diameter of hoses.

Compact in design and requires less space.

We use only stable, high quality materials with a long life-span.

The system is an ideal companion for use with cable carriers.