Contact persons:

Ralf Schmid

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Distribution

Gabriele Schmid

  • Order Management
  • Incoming Goods Management
  • Quality Assurance

Andreas Schmid

  • IT-Administrator
  • Order Management
  • Web Designer

Tanja Müller

  • Quality Management Officer


Quality policy VARIOZELL e. K.

The development and operation of VARIOZELL e. K. is particularly important to us. We are therefore committed to continuous improvement.

Our quality policy is determined by the management, regularly checked for appropriateness and adjusted if necessary. In order to increase the transparency of operational processes, to achieve higher customer satisfaction and to minimize the error rate and thus costs, VARIOZELL works according to ISO 9001: 2015.

Our customers set the standard for our quality, because it is precisely their judgment of our products and services that is decisive for us. For us, quality means fulfilling the required and unspoken customer expectations. Quality means that inquiries, offers, orders, etc. are processed correctly, quickly and on time. Adherence to delivery dates, competitiveness, know-how input and cooperation are further factors by which we are measured.

Our employees are committed to our quality goals and have the task of contributing to their achievement at their workplaces through flawless work. They strive to continuously produce high quality. Anyone who recognizes a defect immediately organizes its removal.

Newly introduced processes are documented immediately and the documents are controlled accordingly so that a consistently high quality is ensured in all areas.

We live and act according to this policy in our company.